The motivation that drives us is very similar to the aim of the project, because it is really its aim that motivates us to take part in this project. In a way, the aims have been defined by our motivation as much as our motivation was dependant of the aims.

The principal motivation for us to participate in this project is to dispose of a new way to learn. During our studies, we are mostly "fed" by taught knowledge and theorical exercises that aim to give us an understanding of the subject. Participating this semester project, we learned by doing, by trying, by meeting, by searching, by being lost and having problems... And we learned a lot!

At a first glance over the project, we were all motivated by its concrete - real world aspect: going out of theory, in the field, trying to solve a real problem, building a prototype, helping other people and ourselves at the same time. Furthermore, the concrete aspect is accompanied by the necessity of doing with what is at hand. We are not inserted in a giant project to complicated to be understood by one person, but we have to do with what we have in terms of material, of knowledge, of possibilities.

Building a device with what we have also means using all the apllicable knowledge we have. What is motivating in this project is the fact that we need to use different subject we previously studied for one purpose and connect them around one goal. We could use subject as various as basic laboratory techniques, electronics, informatics, signal processing, microbiology, optics... and also human qualities to meet the people we work with.