TEAM 2013

Meet the team coming together in 2013 -




You can find more about the group participating in the LifeSciences Workshop for Artists & Designers on the hackteria wiki.




SV 3rd year Bachelors students, semester starting end February 2013

Emilie Mussard is a student in Life Sciences faculty. She is particularly interested in the physical processes that drive and hold biological systems; this covers a large panel of study domains! Later, she wants to work as an engineer on real and useful issues and thinks the project is a first step in this direction. She also likes transmitting what she knows and is currently employed as a teaching-assistant for 2nd year physics class. She has a previous formation as a theologian and tries to work interdisciplinarily when it is possible, particularly when facing with ethical issues. Besides her studies, she is also playing music and theatre with some groups.

Romain Equey is a third year life sciences student at epfl. He is particulary interested by all these approaches we can have in this project. A big mixture of all we learn. The real world aspect of this project is also important for him. He likes to create things by hand, so here he finds what he is looking for.

Jasmina Rubattel is a 3rd year Life Sciences student from Lausanne. This real world project appeared to be a good way to mix together the main interesting subjects of her studies (biology, electronics, informatics), while applying theoretical knowledge to build a device available for everyone and share it with the world.

Nicolas Krischer

I'm 22 years old and study life science for 2 and half years. I come from Geneva where I study until I get my maturity. Then I move to Lausanne to study life science. I'm interested in informatics, biology and engineering, so this faculty fits well to my demand. I was informatics teacher-assistant the last semester. I'm very interested in this sensor project because of the versatility of these tools and the large application spectrum. I'm also very interested in the programming and the open source aspect of this project.I also practice beekeeping for five years and I look after about five bee colonies. I played oboe at Lausanne's conservatory and I play in the Quipasseparlà orchestra. This year we played Beethoven's 6th symphony and Brahms violin concerto and we made a tour in Florence in Italy. I'm also implicated in the orchestra's administration.