TEAM 2015

The 2015 Team

Mathilde Vidal studies in the third year of life sciences at EPFL. She is 22 years old and she comes from France. This project attracted her because it crosses biology with many engineering domains she learns during her studies. She sees in this project a good way to apply the theory in the concrete and human case of making an arsenic detector. She also likes the do-it-yourself aspect of the device development, because she likes doing handmade creation. Out of her studies, she is keen of sport, especially rowing and fitness.

Colombine Verzat is also a 3rd-year student in life sciences at EPFL. Coming from the north of France, she moved to Paris for highschool. She started her studies in Lausanne as a way to experience freedom and live a true student life. She chose this bachelor project because of its open-hardware concept: communicate with the rest of the world about a common project and exchange ideas. With this project, she wants to acquire new engineering skills. She likes to dance Rock and is fond of cinema.

Marie Duc is a 22 years old girl coming from Switzerland. She is a third year student in Life Sciences at EPFL. She particularly likes computer science, it is why she is a teaching-assistant in programming. What attracts her in this project is the humanitarian aspect that could have a direct impact in the real world. Trying to solve a real global problem, not only theoretically but more concretely. She enjoys walking and traveling everywhere to discover the world and she really likes watching movies.

Dounia Droubi is a french student in her third year at EPFL in life Sciences. She chose this project as her Bachelor Project because the multidisciplinary part allows to work on different domains, like biology, electronics, etc, which can be an advantage in her future studies. She also likes the international and humanitarian side of this project, working with Indian and Indonesian teams is very interesting. Out of studies she likes to do hiking and sport.

Marie Willemin was born in Jura. That is a very little campaign region in Switzerland. She likes very much her origin close to nature. In 2010, she left the campaign to go in the city and start studies at the EPFL in life sciences. Next to her studies, she has a student job which means a lot to her : She works as monitor for people with mental disabilities. She commits now to the biodesign project because she is interested in the interdisciplinarity and do-it-yourself aspect as well as the humanitarian angle.