I gave acces to somebody but it is not working, why?

Please check the following points :

  1. After authentication, can the user access the following page?


    If not it means the username / password was incorrect :

    If the user is an EPFL member, use the GASPAR portal for help.

    If the user is a guest, please check that :

    • The email address is given for the "Username" field
    • The password is correct
    • The guest account is validated. After registration an email containing a confirmation link is sent to the guest. The link must be clicked before the account can be used
  2. Did you give the correct permissions to the user? On the blog administration page, click on the "Manage permissions (users and groups)" link and check if the user is present. If you gave access to a group, check that the user belongs to the group. The user can also use this form to see his/her current access level for the blog and the groups he/she belongs to
  3. Did you give a "Reader" access? In this case the user will not see the blog in the "My blogs" page, but it is still possible to access it by typing the blog address in the browser address bar, e.g. http://blogs.epfl.ch/myblog
  4. If the previous points are OK, ask the user to close his/her browser and to try again
  5. If it's still not working, please send an email to 1234@epfl.ch. Make sure to mention :
    1. The blog URL, e.g. http://blogs.epfl.ch/myblog
    2. The username or email address of the person having the problem
    3. Any error messages shown by the system