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10. Job
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10. Job

  • boss = chef, patron
  • leader = chef de groupe ou meneur
  • manager (n) [c] = directeur, chef
  • Line manager = chef de file (organize, coordinate)
  • head manager (n) [c] = directeur
  • assistant manager (n) [c] =sous-directeur
    ! chief = chef de tribu
    ! chef = chef de cuisine dans un restaurant
  • The person in charge of..= le, la responsable
        To reorient oneself professionally =se réorienter professionnellement, changer d'orientation professionnelle
  • to change jobs = changer de travail , to change one's career = changer de carrière
  • to do an apprenticeship as a library assistant = faire un apprentissage d'assistant(e)-bibliothécaire
  • you most likely have to attend, follow, do a training programme and get further education
  • to be hired to work at the architecture library = être engagé à la bibliothèque d'architecture
  • You all work for the EPFL in Ecublens but you work in different libraries
  • to be laid off = être licencié
  • to be dismissed = être licencié (pour faute)
  • to be fired = être viré, renvoyé
  • My boss has to sign an agreement (present positive) =mon patron doit signer un accord
    • My boss had to sign an agreement (past positive)
    • My boss doesn't have to sign an agreement (present negative)
    • My boss didn't have to sign an agreement (past negative)
      has to is a modal verb: it functions like a regular verb in the past
  • To attend conferences or workshops
  • What field of research are you in? What is your research focus?
  • To do research = faire de la recherche
  • to do a course / to take a course
  • To make progress
  • to make a mistake
  • To make an appointment
  • to make a decision = prendre une décision; a decision-maker = un décideur; to give a decision on a case= prendre une décision, sur un cas, statuer; he is good at decision-making= il sait prendre des décisons  
  • I meet with my line manager by appointment only / he has an "open-door"policy
  • I am not encouraged to take initiative 
  • everyone has their own separate work space/ The work environment is communal / There are four of us working in the same office
  • The boss makes all the decisions / decisions are made collectively through consultation
  • I am told what to do / I am involved in project-planning
  • My colleagues don't socialize much after work / my colleagues regulary meet for social events / we socialize during lunch, not after work
  • The routine
  • I work on one task at a time / I have to "multi-task" - do more than one thing at the same time
  • There aren't many opportunities for promotion / there is a good career structure with promotion opportunities
  • I can work flexible hours and take time off when I want
  • to work all day
  • They are four of us working in the same office
  • to be (or to feel) comfortable in silence
  • We are responsible (or concerned with) for the comfort of the users 
  • A rise in salary - a salary increase / a decrease in salary
  • How much do you make (or better: how much money do you earn)  - I'd rather not to say
  • A seniority system / my salary is linked to performance, it will depend on my performance, my productivity
  • To reach (or attain) objectives (or goals)
  • To set objectives
  • Union, syndicate = le syndicat 
  • Unionized = syndiqué
  • Non unionized workers = ouvriés non syndiqués
  • to unionize = syndiquer
  • Trade union = syndicat ouvrier
  • Employers' syndicate or federation of employers = syndicat patronal
  • Embedded in the memory / mind = gravé dans la mémoire, l'esprit


  • The faculty : teaching and researching staff
  • The staff : administrative and technical staff



Job Title: Librarian(100%)
Department: Information Center
Working language: English


The Job's Mission



Period: 1st June to end of December 2009
Type of contract: temporary (7 months) – maternity leave cover
Web site:    To help support and develop a number of services offered by the Information Center to the school community and our customers
Key Activities & Accountabilities
- At the Information Desk, provide information assistance to the school community and our
customers and share evening and Saturday sessions with other members of the team
- Catalogue new books and school faculty publications (articles, contributions, etc) in Aleph
- Publish the New Acquisition List and participate in the promotion of the Books collection
- Participate in the choice and implementation of a new Integrated Library System
- Participate in the Information Center web pages updates
- Candidates should have a library science degree (HES or equivalent)
Ideally two years experience working in a library or information centre, in a service position.
- Customer and service orientated
- Dynamic, confident and flexible
- Meticulous and precise
- Capacity for taking initiatives                                                                                   
- Ability to work under pressure
- Good team player
- Experienced in the use of online database
- Good communication skills both written and oral (English)
- Knowledge of the Integrated Library System Aleph or any other system (experience in migrating to a new system would be an advantage)
- Interest in web 2.0 technologies
- Excellent knowledge of MS-Office products (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and the use of internet/email technologies

Anyone interested should send their application letter and CV to...


The masculine form is used to designate persons of either gender

Positions for specialised scientific and technical staff 

We offer a stimulating environment in a close working team, with a broad network of international collaborations. The conditions of employment are according to the rules of the Swiss Technical High School. The contract is initially of limited duration.
Work description: ...
Requirements: ...
Starting date : Immediately or to be defined
Qualified professionals in the above fields are invited to send their full application to...
Starting date : as soon as possible
Contract duration : 12 months (further extension possible)
We offer excellent working conditions, an environment strongly conducive to academic research and/or industrial carrier.
Contact :
The candidates should have a PhD in engineering, ideally with a strong background in... a good knowledge of oral and written English is required as well as the desire and ability to carry out research in an interdisciplinary and international environment.
Applications should include a CV, copies of the diplomas, significant published or unpublished papers, motivation letter and research proposal and three letters of reference (or submit 3 reference names). Please send your application to...
Starting date : as soon as possible
Contract duration : 12 months (further extension possible)