Professor Rivkin serves as chair of the International Collaboration Board and member of the International Steering Committee of the FCC Collaboration. Tatiana Pieloni, task leader in the experimental insertion region design work package of EUROCIRCL, together with J. Barranco, C. Tambasco, L. Mether and P. Goncalves study the beam dynamics of the two circulating beams under the influence of the accelerator surroundings. The team investigates the optimum operational scenario for the collider to reach maximum performance. The researchers are experienced people with strong computational and analytical skills and know-how coming from their involvement in the LHC design and operation phase and contributions to the HL-LHC project.

Dr Javier Barranco (Beam-Beam effects single particle studies for FCC-hh and HE-LHC)

Loic Coyle (Master Student)

Dr Lotta Mether (Electron Cloud Studies for FCC-hh and HE-LHC)

Dr Tatiana Pieloni (Task leader of Eurocircle WP3: Beam-Beam Effects)

Dr Claudia Tambasco (Two Beam Stability Studies for FCC-hh and HE-LHC)

Prof Leonid Rivkin