Using Web2010 templates

You can now use the Web2010 templates for your wiki.

For this, simply :

  1. On the wiki administration page, click on the "Manage main properties" link (this link is shown only if you are an administrator of the wiki)
  2. For the "Templates" field, choose "Web2010"
  3. For the "Theme" field, choose your corresponding theme (IC, ENAC, etc.)
  4. Validate the form

Frequently asked question

A page doesn't display properly, what can I do?

Check the table below to see if the problem is already documented. If not, send an email to describing the problem in details, including the page address (URL).

The page title is shown twice The page title is now automatically displayed inside a <h1> tag. If you have also put it in the page content, you must remove it from there.
The page title span on two lines If possible, shorten the page title
An image is not entirely displayed Lower the image width to 652 pixels
Tables have no external border The new templates are like this
A table is not entirely displayed If possible, lower the number of table columns

If needed, can I go back to the old templates ?

Yes, you can do it at any time. Please note however that at one point all the wikis will be migrated to the new templates.

Can I change the email address used in the footer?

Yes, to do this  :

  1. On the wiki administration page, click on the "Advanced options" link
  2. For the "Email contact" field, specify your email address
  3. Validate the form