There are about 50 virtual desktops available for PhD students and for various student's projects in IC faculty. These machines are under Windows 7, 64 bits.

Sofware installed: Firefiox*, Thunderbird, Dropbox, Eclipse*, Matlab R2015a*, Vim 7.2, Python 3.3*, Miktex 2.9*, Bloodshed Dev C++, MS Visual Studio 2010*, MS Office 2010*, Open Office 3.4.1.

How to use these virtual desktops

First, download and install the VMware View Client from the link below on your own laptop or desktop. Choise your OS version: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android.

Download VMware View Client here



After installing the program , double click on VMware View Client and a window as below will appears:

Enter "icvconnsrv1.epfl.ch" or "icvmdesk.epfl.ch" in the connection server tab and click on "Connect" then "Continue".


Use your username and password standard EPFL (Gaspar) to login.



Double click on "EDIC-Pool" icon for PhD students and you will have a virtual machine at your disposal in a few minutes.

Mac OS X:

Open Applications folder and double click on VMware Horizon View Client. A window as below will appear, for the first time, you have to click on "Add Server" and enter "icvconnsrv1.epfl.ch" and "Continue".


Enter your username and password and then "Continue"

Double click on "EDIC-Windows7", and You will have a virtual machine

at your disposal in a few minutes.


* EDIC - Windows 7 is a Dedicated assignment pool: Users receive the same desktops each time they log into the pool.

* ETU - Windows 7 is a Floating assignment pool: Users will receive desktops picked randomly from the pool each time they log in.

Home directory

For students, the home directory is mounted automatically on the virtual machine, ref. http://studinfo.epfl.ch/core/index.asp?article=18



Printers are automatically settled during the connection to the virtual machine.

Useful links:

General network questions


If you have any technical problem, please contact our call center as usual:

Phone: 1234 (outside EPFL +41 21 693 1234)

e-mail: 1234@epfl.ch

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