DynDNS installation


After changing your machine's subnet into the IC faculty DHCP (subnet 116), you'll not have a static ip and DNS name anymore but a dynamic IP adress (it can change at every reboot).

If you need to use your machine remotly of if you need to have a static DNS name, this documentation is for you !


What is DynDNS ?

DynDNS allows to redirect a DNS name to your machine even if this one have a dynamic IP with a small software "DynDNS Updater". So you can connect to your machine remotly whit the DNS name chosen on the DynDNS service.


How to create a DynDNS account ?

First, go on the DynDNS website : http://dyn.com/dns/ and click at the bottom of the page on « DynDNS Free » :

After click « GET IT NOW » :

Then choose your "Hostname", the DNS name that your machine will have and enter your current IP adress if the field is empty next click "Add To Cart" :

If the DNS name is available, you will have this message :


Fill the account creation form and click on "Create Account" :

You will receive an email, it can take a little moment to come (generally less than 5 min) :


Confirm your account with the link in the email :


Login and click « Proceed to checkout » :

Finally click "Activate Services" to activate your DNS redirection :

Download and installation of DynDNS Updater

Visit this link, download and install DynDNS Updater : http://dyn.com/support/clients/

Open DynDNS Updater and login :

Select your « Host » (Nom DNS) and tick « Enable updating for this host » :


You can now try to ping your machine with the DynDNS hostname :