Everything you want to know about accreditation

Last update 10.02.2011


This document is provided to help collaborators understand the rights that have been granted by the administrative staff when they joined the EPFL.
You are not involved in this process, because only the administrative staff have rights to do this.
Rules that allow or deny access to EPFL's services are all based on these rights. It is the reason why it is important to understand what is behind this accreditation.


A collaborator can have a different status based on his registration (employee, external, student, etc.). This status is managed in EPFL's accred web site. Please note that Personnel can only be created by Human Resources and Etudiant by Registrar Office. Refer to accred documentation or FAQ to get further information. The goal here is to understand the differences and to apply correct rights and properties to a newcomer by the administrative staff.


Accès Intranet: right to connect on EPFL's wifi network and also remotely with VPN network.

Accès au service distrilog: right to buy and download software from the EPFL's distribution server.

Gestion des profils personnels: right to manage/change the personal profile in EPFL directory.


Présence dans les mailing listes d'unités: property to appear in automatic distribution lists (e.g. personnel.ic@epfl.ch, personnel.lcav@epfl.ch).

Compte utilisateur dans Active Directory: property to be in the directory used by EPFL's e-mail server.

Stockage individuel: property for personal storage space on myNAS file server.


Depending on the status, these rights and properties have different default values. They can be changed as needed.


Personnel: all rights and properties above are set by default. Nothing to do for people with this status.

Hôte: "Accès au service distrilog", "Gestion des profils personnels" and "Stockage individuel" are not set.

Hors EPFL: nothing is set by default for this status.

Etudiant: "Accès au service distrilog" is not set. It is not recommended to add this right to students.



Note: this doesn't apply for students. They already get accred/Gaspar/mailbox when they register at EPFL.

1. The new comer must appear in accred. People with "Personnel" status are automatically create by Human Resources. "Hôte" and "Hors EPFL" must manually be create in accred.

2. Create a Gaspar account

3. Create a mailbox and an e-mail address

4. Change all rights and properties as needed in accred.



If a student need to login to a lab's servers, he must be added to the login's group.

--- XXX link to "how to add a user in a group"