MatLab license - Deprecated, see Distrilog

Depending on your needs, you can use a network or standalone license. For laptop, we use a standalone license, but it must be renew each year before February 1st. We use the network license for computers always connected on EPFL network (desktops and servers). The network license do not need to renew.

MatLab network license - Deprecated, see Distrilog

You need to be in the sudoers group to do this !

You need first to close Matlab, then download the network license here :

Open a "Terminal" (Applications->Utilities->Terminal) and delete the standalone license (if you have one):

 sudo rm /Applications/*.lic

(MATLAB_RXXXXX is your MatLab version)

Move the network license file in the MatLab "licenses" folder :

sudo mv network.lic /Applications/

Finally change the owner and mode :

sudo chown \your_username:your_username /Applications/

sudo chmod 544 /Applications/

Enjoy !

MatLab standalone license

Go on this page : (XX is your MatLab version)

For example :

MatLab 7.9 :

MatLab 7.11 :


On this web page :

1) Accept the license

2) Choose your operating system

3) Choose standalone license

4) Write down the File Installation Key and the Activation Key to activate MatLab.

At the end of the installation you'll be asked to activate your license, you'll need to create an account on the MathWorks website and to use it to activate your license.