Calculation servers

ICLAB currently owns 3 calculation servers iclabsrv1, iclabsrv2 and iclabsrv3 and 1 storage unit with 50 TB in RAID 6 (redundancy for up to 2 failing drives out of 12). Each server also has 3.4 TB of "scratch", local and high-speed storage in RAID 0 (no protection against drive failure).

Servers iclabsrv1 and iclabsrv2 both have 4 cores, while iclabsrv3 has 8, which make them able to run in parallel 8 to 16 threads without efficiency loss, assuming there is no memory, network or input/output bottleneck. For this reason, it is recommended for input/output-intensive processes to run them on the "scratch" storage.

First access has to be done with GASPAR account via SSH using terminal (for linux and mac) or any SSH client (i.e. Putty).

After the first connection, connection can be done via Xrdp using for example windows remote desktop client. Attention: the Xrdp login page uses US keyboard layout.

Installed softwares:
- Libreoffice
- emacs
- Matlab
- Mathehamatica
- Xrdp
- X2GO
- gThumb image viewer
- EDA softwares and design kits are also available, ielsrv disks are mounted via NFS. More infos:
- ADS and IC-CAP, to use them add the line "source /home/tools/sources/source.ADS" OR "source /home/tools/sources/source.ADS2014" at the end of your ~/.tcshrc file.

Software to transfer file from windows to the calculation servers using SSH protocols:


X2GO for server remote access

X2GO is an opensource version of NX. X2GO is installed on the servers, it is therefore possible to access them with x2go client (download here).

Cadence with 3.x kernel (srv2 and srv3)

Set the environment variable:

setenv OA_UNSUPPORTED_PLAT linux_rhel50_gcc44x