LCN-IT: Storage

Last update: 01.05.2013

At your desk

For the common case, the data on your workstation -- laptop or desktop -- is not considered critical. If you believe it is, then you should find an ad'hoc solution to safely backup the data, for instance using TimeMachine on Mac OS X, using an external harddrive, etc.


If you want to talk about this, please get in touch with your IT staff to discuss what kind of solution could be suggested.

But still, in case of theft while travelling, or someone breaking into your office, all your equipment might disappear, along with your backup medium.

Know and manage the risks regarding your workstation.

Unfortunately, as of now, we cannot backup everyone's harddisk to the IC faculty's storage servers.

Home directory

In the IC faculty, research-related data processing is mostly done on UNiX systems. The "home directory" idiom is very much a UNIX concept.

The home directory is a private storage space meant to help you get your work done on UNIX computers. It is a safe and private storage space.

Safety is achieved by setting up such a workspace on enterprise-class storage servers providing advanced features, such as redundancy and snapshots.

XXX -- snapshot policy and how to use them

Privacy is implemented using standard UNIX access control feaures such as user and group permissions, and/or access control lists (acls).

XXX -- capacity & user/group quotas

On data processing servers, the home directories are automatically made available using a feature called "automounting". This is the place you will be logged in by default on such servers.

It is strongly NOT recommended to create local user accounts with local home directories, on data processing servers.

XXX -- From where is it allowed ? VPN ? Wifi ? etc.

The only way to access your home directory is from a data processing server, using NFS. It is not allowed to access it from any other location. If you need to move files around, use an ad'hoc method such as remote copy or file transfers.

How to access your home directory and more information


Personal storage

Very very safe. Snaphsots. 10Gb per collaborator. 3Gb per Guest.

Group storage

Very very safe. Capacity == number of collaborators x 10Gb