13.12.2017: Rodrigo Quian Quiroga


Memory formation and long-term coding in the human hippocampus


Intracranial recordings in patients suffering from intractable epilepsy allow studying the firing of multiple single neurons in awake and behaving human subjects. These recordings are typically done in the hippocampus and surrounding cortex, an area known to be critical for memory functions. Using the unique opportunity to record directly from such neurons in the human brain, about 10 years ago we found what has been named 'Concept Cells' or 'Jennifer Aniston Neurons' - neurons that represent specific concepts, responding to particular persons or objects, such as Jennifer Aniston, Luke Skywalker or the Sydney Opera House. In this talk will show more recent work on how these neurons are involved in forming and storing declarative, and particularly episodic memories - the memories we have of our life experiences.