compress air:
the pressure reading on the MBE should be green, meaning more than 90 (around 5 bar on the wall)

if you disconnect motor cables, go to mac2015 then disable, EN/DIS button then remove cables
if you connect cables back, Press reset and enable button, then press home

mbeKcell: press out on the power supplies to control them
change the power cable of the bulk power supply, for now the cable we use is limited to 12Amps, we limited the output current to 5Amps

Gold cell 1 loop 2: filament of the heater HS at 3 points it is disconnected, we will receive a new one

pressure controllers:
inficon LL is indicating 20mbar instead of athm when system is vented

water cooling: water output should point UP as indicated on the cooling cells adaptors, otherwise water will not flow, port N1 is not correctly mounted