Commande StartOSinstall


 startosinstall --eraseinstall


--license, prints the user license agreement only.

--agreetolicense, agree to the license you printed with --license.

--rebootdelay, how long to delay the reboot at the end of preparing. This delay is in seconds and has a maximum of 300 (5 minutes).

--pidtosignal, Specify a PID to which to send SIGUSR1 upon completion of the prepare phase. To bypass "rebootdelay" send SIGUSR1 back to startosinstall.

--installpackage, the path of a package (built with productbuild(1)) to install after the OS installation is complete; this option can be specified multiple times.

--eraseinstall, (Requires APFS) Erase all volumes and install to a new one. Optionally specify the name of the new volume with --newvolumename.

--newvolumename, the name of the volume to be created with --eraseinstall.

--preservecontainer, preserves other volumes in your APFS container when using --eraseinstall.

--usage, prints this message.


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14 décembre 2010