Payonline - Online Help

[French translation] is a service that provides electronic payment capabilities for conferences, events, various sales, etc. For this purpose, The EPFL has a contract with PostFinance. The amounts received will be automatically transferred to the unit’s dedicated fund.

All payments can be made in Swiss francs (CHF), euro (EUR) and US dollars (USD).
For activities organized in Switzerland, it is generally recommended to use Swiss francs (CHF).

Payonline accepts the following payment methods:

Due to budgetary restrictions, AmEx and Diners were not included in the contract between the EPFL and PostFinance. However, an extension of payment methods (credit cards) may be accepted based on specific needs.

Who may use

The service is offered to unit administrative personnel or anyone who has to manage the administrative aspects of conferences. Access to this service is subject to both Tequila authentication and EPFL accreditation. Therefore, in order to use the service you must:

Setup of electronic payment process:

  1. Apply for the creation of a dedicated fund (destined to receive the payments) if not yet available
  2. Create a payment instance
  3. Create a registration form and a website for the conference
  4. Test the payment system
  5. Validate the instance by the EPFL Financial Service: the validated instance will then automatically become active
  6. Publish the registration form on the conference website


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