Payonline steps

[French translation]

1. Request the creation of a dedicated fund

Payment/receipt must be based on a dedicated fund. If your unit does not have one, you must apply by using the link ‘Fund request’.

For this purpose, the Financial Service has prepared a form in PDF format (available on this page). You have to open it, fill in the requested data, print it and return it to the Financial Service (by internal mail) with the supporting documents.

Once your application has been processed, a dedicated fund will be available and you will be notified.

2. Creating a payment instance

You must create a payment instance (entity that identifies your conference in the Payonline service) by using the ‘New Instance’ link in the main menu on

The instance will receive a unique identifier (i.e. instance number) to be used as a reference in the registration form (details below).

The new created payment instance is now in ‘test’ mode and is ready for testing.

3. Create the registration form

The registration form allows potential customers to:

In order to create the form you may:

The instance's identifier created at step 2 is part of the mandatory parameters and has to be present in the form.

Note: for security reasons, Mozilla/Firefox will not allow to return on a form called from frames !

More details (PDF) on the  programming interface
HTML code with country list abreviations (english)


4. Test the registration form

Test your form with factitious credentials. To simulate payment, you should continue on the PostFinance website ad use the following information:

Note: testing with one type of credit card is sufficient.

You should be directed to a payment confirmation page. This page can normally be used by the customer as a proof of the transaction.

If the client’s email address was included in the form, an email will be sent to confirm the transaction. This is only possible when the instance is in production mode.
In test mode (and only in this mode), it is possible that the confirmation of payment arrives several times.

Now, take on the role of administrator to verify the recorded transactions:

5. Validate the payment instance

Once the payment simulations are conclusive, you may request the validation of the instance by the Financial Service through the link at the bottom of the instance page. Upon validation

6. Online publication

The Payonline part of the process is now finished: you can activate the link to the registration form on the conference website and thus make its web address public.

At the end date of the instance, all interactive access from the registration form will be refused. The instance will automatically switch to ‘archive’ mode.

In case of problems

If the payment fails the users will have to contact the addresses below, depending on the stage where the problem occurred:

More information about possible problems at various stages of the process...