Submit an Altium Schematic to ACI for PCB Design.

How to Submit an Altium Schematic to ACI for PCB Design With Cadence Allegro.

The 'Comment' field in the 'Properties' dialog of the schematic editor must be populated with the precise manufacturer's part number.(The one you use for ordering the components). I will then assure that the correct footprints are used. I do not use the Altium component footprints as long as I have them already in my Allegro footprint library.
The 'Comment' field can also contain generic names such as 10k 1uF etc. In this case, the 'Footprint' property specifies the size and technology of the component.
In general, it is helpful to populate the 'Footprint' field with the names given in the datasheet.
The design will be done with Cadence Allegro but if needed can be imported into Altium.