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L'attraction électrique

Electricité dans l'ère


Back when I had hair on my head and carried a slide rule, there were lead acid batteries, DC brush motors, and contactor controllers. Today, none of these remain (including my hair). Lead has been replaced by lithium and DC by either DC brushless or induction.
Wally Rippel, Tesla Principal Power Electronics Engineer

Induction Versus DC Brushless Motors | Tesla

In 1968 Wally Rippel as a Caltech undergraduate student built an electric car (a converted 1958 Voltswagen microbus) and won the Great Transcontinental Electric Car Race against MIT.



 Working principle of the motor

 Comparison of characteristics of externally commutated motor

 Brushed DC electric motor

 3-phase induction motor

 Synchronous reluctance motor

 🎓 Andrei V Popov

 Prius - Cut Away

 Prius - Winding scheme

 Prius - Torque calculation

 Prius - Torque simulation

 Circle Diagram of Induction Motor

 Heyland diagram

 Induction Motor Braking


 Cogging torque

 BLDC Motor Fundamentals AN885


 Reactive Power

 🧲 Electromagnetisme


 The Sixth Decade of the Thyristor

 Fourier Series

 Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Techniques

 History of Inverter

  🎓 Yngve Berset Solbakken

 Vector Control for Dummies

 Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SV-PWM)


 Bühler DC Motoren

 Märklin AC Motoren

  iPhone charger 70 kHz

 🧮 Matlab

 Understanding BLDC Motor Control

 Contrôle de moteur BLDC

 Clarke and Park Transforms + 3-phase animation

 Field-Weakening Control (with MTPA) of PMSM

 PMSM Drive Characteristics and Constraint Curves

 PMSM Constraint Curves and Their Application

 Space Vector Modulation (SVM) for Motor Control


 Railway Technology

 New IGBT converters for Re460

 Re 460 / Re 465

 🐊 Ce 6/8 II 🇨🇭

 🐊 Ce 6/8 III 🇩🇰

 🐊 Ce 6/8 Control of motors

 🐊 Ce 6/8 Motors, driving and regenerative brake circuit

 🏔️ Gornergrat Bahn

 AGV Alstom 2008

 Wädenswil - Grandvaux - Grandvaux