Bluetooth HC-05
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Extension module Bluetooth HC-05

A small module Bluetooth can be added to the PrSoc board. It has 6 pins + 1 extra pin on the PrSoc board, the module itself has 6 pins male available.

Few manufacturers provide this module, be careful not all have the same pinning !

Bluetooth HC-05 module






Extension Bluetooth
Pins on board Pins on module Signal Names Direction Function
1 1 BLT_State to FPGA

LOW: no connection

HIGH: connection

2 2 BLT_RxD from FPGA 9600 or 38400 bps
3 3 BLT_TxD to FPGA 9600 or 38400 bps
4 4 Gnd Power  
5 5 Vcc 3V6..6V Power  
6 6 BLT_En from FPGA  
7 Wire to Pin34 BLT_ATSel from FPGA  
    BLT_PWR_n from PCA9673 P02

To activate (LOW)/desactivate the power of the module (ie to enter AT mode)

!! Desactivated by default !!

Documentations on the module can be found at