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The TFT-LCD have a resistive Touch Scren associated.

For the TFT-035-3, a separated 4 pins connector provides the 4 signals:

  • XL(eft) -
  • XR(ight) and
  • YU(p) -
  • YD(own) analog values.

For the TFT-043-3, the 4 signals are available on the TFT 40 pins connector

Those signals are connected to a Touch Screen Controller: TSC2013-Q1PW from ti, connected with an i2c interface to the FPGA.

i2c address is : 1001 000 R/nW

  • 0x90 for write accesses
  • 0x91 for read accesses

For the module TFT-M043-4, the Touch Screen is managed by a Touch Screen controller XPT2046 avaialable on the module. It's interface is through an SPI interface:

  • nTPCS
  • TPClk (< 2MHz)
  • TPDIn (MOSI)
  • TPDOut (MISO)
  • TPBusy
  • nPENInt

A 2MHz TPClk for SPI can be used.