Running a roscore in an android smartphone

A little something about roscore: (
roscore is a collection of nodes and programs that are pre-requisites of a ROS-based system. You must have a roscore running in order for ROS nodes to communicate. It is launched using the roscore command.

NOTE: If you use roslaunch, it will automatically start roscore if it detects that it is not already running.

roscore will start up:

I have taken the example of the camera tutorial in the ROSJava tutorials page. The installation instructions are pretty clear and concise and I didn't face any problems in  installing the camera tutorial in my smartphone using the Android Studio, Here's a link to the page : Importing projects in Android Studio
(NOTE: Only follow the steps till the application is installed in your phone. We don't want to start a roscore service on our laptop.)

After following the steps mentioned in the above link, the applications are installed in the smartphone. Here's a screenshot of some of the applications I have installed following the steps mentioned on the 'Importing projects in Android Studio page'