Personal welcome for Swiss Government scholarship holders: Tuesday September 3, 2019, 12h00-13h30, room CM1 120. You'll receive all useful information about the Swiss excellence scholarship program and will get to know the other grantees and your Reception Service at the EPFL.
Your are also invited for a sandwich lunch.

(use map.epfl.ch or the application https://pocketcampus.org/epfl-fr for orientation)

Tuesday September 10, 2019: International day for International students. Presentation of all main student services (Library, students social service, registrar's office & Lausanne Tourisme, intercultural diffrences and Swiss culture)

During the whole academic year: we will invite you for several different excursions for EPFL Swiss Government scholarship holders so you will be able to visit Switzerland. These events will be free of charge for you.


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Visa procedure

Payment of scholarship


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