University of Scholarships for International students

Students can apply for funds, scholarships and scholarships at different levels by applying to ETH Zurich University. These scholarships include the cost of education and living for the student and his family. Of course, these scholarships do not cover all the costs of education and living. To receive a University of Zurich Scholarships, you must submit your official documents to this university stating that you cannot afford it.

Graduate Scholarship

You can also receive a Swiss government scholarship to study at ETH Zurich Switzerland. Of course, this scholarship is for doctoral students (with a degree) and requires university approval. There are two types of scholarships available for outstanding students who wish to pursue a master’s degree:

Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Program (ESOP)

ETH Zurich-D Scholarship

Top graduate students can use the university’s scholarship, which covers all tuition and living expenses. To receive this scholarship, you must have the following items at the time of applying to ETH Zurich University:

These documents must be submitted by December 15. If you are applying for more than one field and you are applying for a scholarship, you must fill out a separate application for each. If you have already taken a postgraduate course at this university, you will not be able to participate in the ETH Zurich Scholarship. The scholarship includes CHF 12,000 per semester. There is also a scholarship of CHF 3,000 for each semester or a grant of CHF 500 to 600 on a monthly basis. These amounts are paid for up to three or four semesters from the time you start studying at ETH Zurich University.

The evaluation and selection of scholarship students is done by the registration committee of this university and the final decision is made by the president of this university. The number of admissions depends on the annual budget of the university. The result will be announced in mid-March.

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