Hints to start with SIMSEN

Please find below some hints helping to start with SIMSEN edition:

- to link two hydraulic components you need to draw a "wire" to link both components; the wire should not be broken in several pieces, otherwise SIMSEN do not recognize the link; i.e. one wire to link two components;
- if you want to link two wires together, it is possible, but then you need to put a "crossing" element in between; not recommanded; better to delete the wire and redo it;
- two "wires" that crosses each other are not linked unless you put an element "crossing" at the junction;
- to draw a "wire", you first click left mouse button without releasing the button, then a construction line appears, it helps you selecting the location of the wire endings; then each time you release the left mouse button, it will set an intermediate "wire" point; the wire can only be horizontal or vertical; if not, SIMSEN will not allow you to define a new "wire" intermediate point; to complete the "wire", you need to click on the right mouse button; 
- very important: once you start the drawing a "wire", you cannot escape from this procedure, until you draw the first line, horizontal or vertical; only after you can define a new action;
-on the upper left corner, Under the tool bar, SIMSEN indicates the next action to be done in connection with the current operation you have selected;
- to identify if elements and wires are properly connected, you can use the followings:
  * in the menu select: Edit/show element terminals => red losange appears at each element terminals
  * in the menu select: Edit/show wire endings => green circles appears at each wire ends
  * then check if wire endings and elements terminal are well supperposed
- each element has a help function that describe the element itself and the related modeling;
- at the end of each simulation, usually you should NOT select save and update, as it will update the initial conditions of the elements according to the final state of the system at the end of the simulation;
- at the end of Inhydro procedure, usually you should SELECT save and update, as if you reached steady state conditions, you want to save it in the elements as new initial conditions for the next simulation;
- when you selected "save and udpated" at the end of simulation or Inhydro procedure (intial conditions calculations), by pressing "s" key, it does not mean that you have saved the model; to do so, you need to select File/save => the SIMSEN *.stm file is then saved;