Simsen FAQ

General questions:

g1) Does SIMSEN run on 64 bits computers?

YES! Since 2013, SIMSEN is running on 64bits Computers!

g2) Does SIMSEN run on Windows 7 and 8?

Yes it works on Windows 7 and 8 environments. However, to read the help files it is necessary to download the Windows application WinHelp32.exe from Microsoft. Windows 7 and 8 proposes automatically the appropriate link to download this application when you try to open a help file.

g3) Is there some limitations with the names of the SIMSEN files?

Not anymore with the new version since 2013!

g4) How to generate a figure of the SIMSEN model?

In the menu you can select File/Print and it will generate a *.wmf file of the layout  of your SIMSEN model. Then, you can use the application paint shop (in the folder of SIMSEN) to convert the *.wmf file into *.bmp or *.jpg file.

g5) Is it possible to use a template with the Visual to define the standard format of the graphs?

Yes, in the Visual, you can select the button "options" (the fifth from the left hand side) and then select the sub-page "Config-File". Then you can save the current confirguration as teh default configuration or load a previous configuration.

Hydraulic questions:

h1) Is it possible to represent the enveloppe of maximales and minimales pressure along the pipes?

Yes, using an OUTPUT element it is possible to read all the values of pressure along a piping path you defined. Then a the end of a simulation you can display all these pressure using the Visual application. The Visual also enables to compute the minimum, maximum, RMS, initial, final values, etc of all curves displayed using teh buuton "RMS-Mean". Then all those values can be saved in *.csv (comma separated values) compatible with the program Excel for example.