This project aims to create a system that will give you the ability to control a swarm of Parrot AR.Drones using Microsoft Kinect.

Started in september 2012 by Nikita Grishin

Supervised by: Alex Barchiesi

Git repo: https://github.com/sinlab-semester-2012/Quadrokinect

Presentation: http://prezi.com/-5l-jnnzpha0/quadrokinect-11122012/

Presentation video: https://vimeo.com/57151069


Warning: This project was tested only on Mac OS 10.7.x and 10.8.x!
































Any model can be used. For this wiki, the D-Link DSL-G804V was used.


















Installation tutorial for Mac OS X: 


This is the driver for Microsoft Kinect.


GitHub repo:


Installation instructions can be found on the GitHub.

This is a program that detects body coordinates and sends them via OSC to the server.




Only for Mac OS 10.8 users!

OSCeleton might need the X11 server, which is not part of Mac OS X anymore. XQuartz can be installed instead.


Project structure

The project consists of three parts: analysis of OSC messages coming from OSCeleton (i.e. the body coordinates) and intuitive controller realisation, communication with A.R.Drones, and a stabilization system.

The server is written in Java and Processing. Java is used mainly for encapsulation and the logic description. Processing is used for the graphical interface realisation, for comunication with A.R.Drones and Microsoft Kinect and for analyzing the video stream from A.R.Drones.


How to use

All instructions concerning the installation and launching of the project can be found on GitHub repo. In case of problems, e-mail nikita.grishin@epfl.ch.

The code is not commented enough, but all names are more or less meaningfull.

The class with the main method is "Quadrokinect.java" (Quadrokinect/src/application). All logic is described in "QuadroKinectSketch.java" (Quadrokinect/src/processing/sketch), and all commented lines can be uncommented if needed.

The package "Quadrokinect.ardrone" contains all classes needed for communication with A.R.Drones.

The package "Quadrokinect.gui" contains all JFrame objects used for showing the Processing sketches.

The package "Quadrokinect.listeners" contains all listeners (for the moment - only OSCListener).

The package "Quadrokinect.processing.sketch" contains all Processing sketches.

The package "Quadrokinect.processing.classes" contains all Processing classes. These are classes that will take an object of PApplet as the constructor argument.

The package "Quadrokinect.processing.classes.controllers" contains all the realisation of controllers and the abstract class "Controller.java" which must be implemented by all controllers.

The package "Quadrokinect.utils" contains static classes with some mathematical methods and some usefull constants.

Future work

Firstly, the stabilization system must be improved. The idea of marker detection could be keeped, but is not mandatory. Probably, the physics engine should be used.

The modifications of ARDroneForP5 should be finished. The code must be completed and supports both versions of A.R.Drones.

Also, the controller could be improved. It should be more intuitive and make user experience better.