Algebra and Geometry

Courses in Algebra and Geometry at SMA

(last modified 20.09.2019)

Contact person: Professor Zsolt Patakfalvi

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Bachelor (5th semester):

Bachelor (6th semester):


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Description :

A big part of today's theoretical mathematical research has some algebraic or geometric flavor to it. Examples are endless: number theory, representation theory, differential geometry, algebraic geometry, arithmetic geometry, homotopy theory, geometric group theory, low dimensional topology, symplectic geometry, algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial geometry, and others, including many different combinations of the above listed fields. This track gathers some of the topics that are important to study for most of these fields. However, it is important to stress that for many of the above areas it is similarly essential to take some of the analysis courses. For that please consult the links below where the research groups at EPFL list the courses suggested to take to be able to conduct research in the given group. We also refer to these links for more specific information about which third year Bachelors courses to take, as well as any information about suggested Masters courses.


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