Admission to ETHZ

This concerns the master admission to ETHZ, for both math and applied math masters.


For students with a Bachelor in mathematics from EPFL, ETHZ is now - sometimes -  asking for additionnal requirements. Depending on the list of course taken during the Bachelor, they might ask that students are following a specific list of Bachelor ETHZ courses during their first year of master studies at ETHZ, this in addition to their master courses. 

To maximize your chances of being accepted at ETHZ without additionnal courses, we suggest that you take the following courses during your Bachelor. However, there is no guarantees, and you might still get additional credits to do.

For the applied master:

For the master in math: we recommand the Topology course and to take enough course in theoretical math.

Note that this list is only informative, and that ETHZ can ask that you follow other courses. 

General info relative to the ETHZ admission : admission prerequisites

For the master in math and applied math: consult their LEX