Evaluation of the internship

All MSc students in Applied Math (Ingénierie Mathématique) and Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) need to complete an internship in a company. This placement is an integral part of the study program. It represents a practical immersion in a company of the same domain as the student's training and fosters their professional development. The internship is usually done in well-known companies in Switzerland and abroad. It must take place before the Master project.

Students in CSE refer to the CSE internship webpage.

Following the EPFL nomenclature, the MSc students in Applied math have to do a SCS (Internships with separated credits obtained during the master cycle) rewarded with 30 ECTS and lasting between 4 and 6 months. Those who do a Minor, can also refer to the process described below, although the internship is a STAP (Internship not related to the master project, credited with it) and should at least 2 months (up to 6 months); in this case, the report can be much shorter, like for CSE.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation is the responsibility of the EPFL supervisor (who is often the deputy director). The evaluation takes into account:

Feedback of the company

The company is invited to give two forms of feedback:

The deputy director contacts the company’s supervisor towards the middle of the period to check that the internship is going on smoothly.

Rules for the final report

At the end of the internship, the student must provide EPFL with a technical scientific report. It should be approximately 20 pages and has to be approved by the company’s supervisor before being sent to EPFL. It can be written either in French or English. The report will be used to evaluate the internship along with the feedback of the company’s supervisor. It must also cover the following information.

In addition, the students are asked to provide a short description of the experience to be published online on the Section web-pages. It should include

Both the report and the material to be puslished online have to be approved by the company and shall not mention any confidential information.

The deadline for the report is 2 weeks after the end of the internship

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