Numerical Analysis

Numerical Analysis courses at SMA

Contact person: Professor Marco Picasso

Bachelor (3rd semester) :

Bachelor (5th and 6th semesters) :

Master (not always given):

Description :Computational Science is a multidisciplinary field that uses computers to solve complex problems. Computational science includes mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, scientific computing, algorithms, computer science. Applications of computational science are numerical simulations (reconstructions/prediction of past/future events), model fitting, data analysis, optimization of known scenarios. Computational Science has strong mathematical links with analysis, probability and statistics.

Bachelor students interested in the Numerical Analysis/Scientific Computing/Computational Science track may choose:

- the Master of Mathematics with the Applied Mathematics orientation (90 credits),
- the Master of Applied Mathematics (ingéniérie mathématique in French, industrial internship, 120 credits),
- the Master of Computational Science and Engineering (120 credits).

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