Master project (PDM)

The duration of the PDM is 17 weeks and starts on the first day of the semester as indicated in the Academic calendar. The start and end dates of the PDM cannot be changed. When you register on ISA, the system will automatically give you the end date of the PDM.

The PDM is placed under the responsibility of a professor or MER who teaches a course in the corresponding Master's programm (Math, Ing Math or CSE). 

PDM cannot be done in an industry. You must be supervised by an EPFL professor.

PDM cannot be supervised by a professor not affiliated to the master in math, IngMath or CSE. A professor in Math, IngMath or CSE must supervise the projet.

How to find a master project:

For PDM outside EPFL :

Templates for a master project:

The SMA gives you one template to help you create your project (semester or master project) in LaTeX. You can either use it or create your own. The template gives you an indication as to what the SMA and professors are expecting. 

Writing a mathematics project

Below is a document with general comments about writing mathematics. 

SMA project: writing mathematics

How is a master project organized?

In general, you only have the PDM to do in the semester, so you have the whole week dedicated to the PDM. It is an opportunity to do a little research work within a chair and it is also a calling card for your future projects. It is therefore important to work hard.

Clarify the project with the professor from the beginning. Here are some points to keep in mind and possibly discuss with your supervisor:

Official deadlines: