In accordance with LEX 4.2.1, the STI provides the possibility for a tenure-track assistant professor to be mentored by a senior faculty member.

The role of the mentor is to provide advice that will assist the PATT in performing to his/her best ability the required research, teaching and associated activities. The form of the interaction is not explicitly defined, and is left to the individuals concerned to determine how this goal is to be best achieved. Mentoring aims to facilitate the PATT's activities at EPFL by offering the experience of a senior colleague, many of whom have been an assistant professor earlier in their career.

At present, there are no written guidelines that define the mentoring process at EPFL. Ideally, it should be individually designed to satisfy the needs of each PATT. A mentor assists the PATT to succeed, but does not diminish the responsibilities of the PATT as defined in the EPFL regulations.

STI Faculty Affairs coordinates the choice of mentor, which generally made conjointly by the PATT, the Institute director, and the proposed senior faculty member. (The mentor can be a member of a different EPFL faculty.) The proposed mentor is then communicated to the STI Dean for approval.