Annual & mid-term reviews

To provide feedback throughout the duration of the PATT period, annual reviews and a mid-term review are organized by the STI Dean. The purpose of these review meetings is to guide the PATT on the path to tenure, rather than to serve as an evaluation of the PATT's progress and competencies.

Annual review

An informal discussion between the STI Dean and each PATT is scheduled (by Sylvie Moreau) during the course of each year. The goal is to provide feedback on the various activities associated with the subsequent tenure application.

Mid-term review

The procedure for the Mid-Term review of PATTs is described in LEX 4.2.1 Art. 8 and consists of the following steps:

  1. The candidate
    • At the end of the third year writes a mid-term report based on the format of the dossier for academic evaluation (section 5.1), except for section 18.
    • Submits the mid-term report to STI Dean.
  2. STI Dean (and/or the Institute Director)
    • Chooses one or more internal (or external, if needed) experts in the PATT’s research area.
  3. The expert(s)
    • Visits the PATT’s laboratory.
    • Interviews the PATT’s PhD students.
    • Interviews the candidate in presence of STI Dean, the Institute Director and possibly other professors who are in the PATT’s research area. The interview comprises a presentation by the candidate and an open discussion.
    • Submits a written evaluation report to the Dean and the PATT.
  4. STI Dean (and/or the Institute Director)
    • Writes his own evaluation report and transmits it to the PATT.
    • Has a final discussion with the PATT.