Job Offers and Openings

As it is notoriously difficult to find specialists in THz technology, this page is prepared to post information from young researchers trained in the field of THz, or institutions seeking to hire someone in the area.


May 2013 : opening for a post-doc to work with EPFL and




Funding resources

Swiss National Science Foundation Professorship grants

It is possible to seek funding from the Swiss SNF for a short term professorship position. The dossier must first be approved by the Swiss academic institution which will host the candidate and his group. See SNF flyer for other programs of careers financing.


NCCR "MUST" : molecular ultrafast science and technology

has a sector dedicated to THz spectroscopy. 


USA NSF awarded funding : Newworking at THz frequencies








Job hunters

If you seek a job and you have skills in THz technology, use the contact link at the bottom. Provide a link to a job advertisement you have on the web, this will be sufficient.