Tuesday, 4th of June

Tuesday started at a parking lot near Bremgarten Aerodrome, Eschbach, Germany.

José, Ben and Franck making plans.

Ben, Sasha, Andrei and Franck setting up the LiDAR.

After a relatively slow start we took off for Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.

The weather was favorable, but strongly overcast and there was a decision to fly above the clouds at 5000 feet, which made the flight very beautiful, but extremely cold. Also it made it impractical to collect any viable remote sensing data.

We stayed in Schwäbish for the rest of the day. It takes almost four hours to recharge all the batteries and download remote sensing data, but I am hoping to streamline the process. I still had the time to fly Martin's wonderful drone together with Bertrand.

We camped in the hangar of the aerodrome. Planes and tents is the recurrent theme for the rest of the journey.