Wednesday, 5th of June

Wednesday morning we flew from Schwabisch to Coburg, Germany in beautiful, sunny weather.

The flight altitude was optimised for remote sensing - 500m. All equipment was operating flawlessly for the first time. The thermal camera was on and produced smooth image without any artefacts (thanks to a newly made wind and thermal isolation jacket).

We had to make a long break in Coburg because the support car got lost, but had good time exploring a nearby village.

Finally, we took off and had a 2:30 hour flight towards Grossenhein, Germany. 

The area between Leipzig and Dresden, which we crossed has numerous and diverse water bodies, including rivers with dams, lakes and flooded queries. There is an immense diversity of colour and I am hoping that we might have some interesting data, although it's unclear what can be done with it. Also at the moment there is some very serious flooding in the area of Grossenhein, Germany, as well as further east, which we have observed.

We landed in Grossenhein on a former soviet military aerodrome, where we camped among Migs and Mils.

As the sun was setting down, I pitched my tent under a cheerful sign "Achtung Rotor".