Thursday, 6th of June

Thursday, the 6th of June - early start with takeoff at 8:30am in order to be safe on the ground before the rain, which is forecasted for 3pm in our destination - Toruń, Poland. 

The first hop of the flight goes under a uniform thin layer of clouds. The conditions are perfect for remote sensing. Altitude is kept constant 500m - also best for the instruments. We take time to fly formations for Bertrand to take some spectacular shots, which he surely does. We land in Zielona Gora at 10:45am. Our arrival cause a stir among local enthusiasts. After a very short lunch break accompanied by a lively multilingual discussion we are ready to carry on. Ben decides to make a simultaneous takeoff of the five ULMs. Awesome feeling and sure to make an impression on the local pilots. Always happy to show off.

We fly over numerous rivers and lakes, small and large. Plenty of colour variability. The conditions vary from sunny to overcast and finally the fog sets in. Endless forests are spread underneath us.
We land at 14:15 at a tiny aerodrome strip in Toruń, Poland.
The aerodrome belongs to Christopher - a towering and gentle Pole and an old-school pilot. He is also a reseller of Air Creations and long time friend of Frank. We enjoy Christopher's endless hospitality.
Andrei is admiring Christopher's Virus
I get my first shower since last Sunday. While waiting for the support car to arrive I take a stroll through the village. The tranquility of this place is complete. I can hear nothing but the buzzing of the bees, chirping of birds and an ocasional cuckooing at a distance.

In the evening we visit Toruń - the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus, where we enjoy a remarkable meal in the local restaurant. Tomorrow is a day off (depending on the weather forecast).