Saturday, 8th of June

The day starts slowly again, which is lucky after the yesterday's late party. The weather conditions and our prospects for being able to cross the Russian border need to be clarified.

While Bertrand is preparing to fly with Franck, I make an attempt to film their takeoff with a drone. I am waiting for a GPS fix, but there is none. After a few minutes of waiting I launch the drone in an altitude mode. At first everything goes well, and I switch into the GPS mode. The drone starts to drift rapidly and I decide to land. My lack of experience means that the copter is still drifting in touchdown. As a result it flips and two props break off. I'll try to fix it, but most likely no more drone until Martin joins us on Baïkal.

We take off from Ketrzyl Wilamowo shortly after lunch and fly towards Lithuanian border in beautiful weather.