Services given by ACIDE

To all researchers, PhD students, lecturers of EPFL

Dear All,

The Association of Research Scientists, PhD students and lecturers, at
EPFL (ACIDE) provides several services for all scientists at EPFL. These services

Welcome Sessions to our members

Information sessions given every Thursday at 10am in the ACIDE office CM 0143.
We offer 60 minutes of free advice to our members (to be member Join Now:
Login) on:

-> Some of Switzerland's mandatory and useful insurances.
ACIDE can currently provide you 3 types of insurance:
Housing-Civil Insurance + Car Insurance + Health insurance

-> Work and establishment permit (B, L, …)

-> The Swiss tax system

-> The “three pillars” (pension provision)

-> PhD student and post-doc salaries

Unfortunately, we have heard from some of our members that they've been
contacted on the CAMPUS by brokers to try to sell them the health, third party
and even life insurances. These brokers often use your naivety and lack of
knowledge in the field to push you to buy unnecessary products.

French Course for Postdocs & for the spouses of all researchers at EPFL

We have already opened the registration for our next French courses:


ACIDE's Doctoral Commission (ACIDE-ComDoc) has represented the doctoral
students of EPFL since 2005. Its role: to represent the doctoral student community
at EPFL and enrich their life on campus. The ComDoc is a part of ACIDE.
ACIDE-ComDoc protects the interests of PhD students and also organizes social
activities such as ski and snowboard weekends, barbeques, hikes and the PhD ball.
The events vary and new events are added every year, but always with the same
objective: to reinforce the connections among PhD students from different

-> Would you like to actively participate in one or more of our projects?

Our doors are open to all who want to join us. We need new candidates, not only
to replace the doctoral students finishing their PhD but also to bring new ideas
and continue to support the association's spirit in the doctoral community.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at:


ACIDE has just created a new Commission for the postdocs at EPFL, as a part of
ACIDE. It’s role: to represent the postdoctoral community at EPFL and to facilitate
access to useful resources and events during their time here. We need candidates
to offer new ideas for projects that will benefit the postdocs community. For ex. to
help us to organize events with the industry, etc...

-> Would you like to actively participate in one or more of our projects?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at:
For other services please contact our webpage!
ACIDE is your association, please feel free to contact us if you need advice.

We'll do our best to support you!

With my best regards,
Zerrin Celebi Ghavami