X-ray Diffraction ISIC


This wiki is supposed to provide useful information to users of the X-ray diffraction facility of the Institut des Sciences et Ingénieurie Chimiques of EPFL. We hope to continuously fill it up, if you find things are missing or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us at pascal.schouwink"at"epfl.ch.



1. General X-ray lab instructions

2. Instrument and data access

3. Manuals


1. General X-ray lab instructions.

Our labs are not equipped to do chemistry. Please prepare samples in your own labs and remove them as soon as possible after measurement. We tend to remove any unlabelled samples towards the end of every week.


Nanomaterials need to be properly attached to their substrate and measured either in glass capillaries or designated sample holders that confine the material appropriately.


2. Instrument and data access

2.1 Reservation

All open access instruments (Sion and Lausanne) can be reserved on http://isic-reservation.epfl.ch/ after completion of the respective training.

2.1 Data access

Shared folder on the server : \\isicgevsserv2.epfl.ch\instrument_name

e.g. \\isicgevsserv2.epfl.ch\PXRD_D8_Advance for the first instrument.

Access from windows: paste this address in a file explorer window and provide your EPFL credentials in the following way : 'intranet\your_GASPAR_username', and your GASPAR password.

Access from Mac : in the Finder : menu 'Go' -> 'Connect to server'. Enter the server address 'smb://isicgevsserv2.epfl.ch/instrument_name' and your GASPAR username and password.

2.3 Software

Licensed software are available on \\isicgevsserv2.epfl.ch\I17-IT. Numerous freeware exists that does the same job, please referr to our website or contact us for an overvoew.

The softwares (Topas and EVA) run on a site license in a host-client mode. Your pc is a client. The license distributer (codemeter) should install automatically with the chosen software. You need to provide the IP-address of the server (host) in the codemeter control center, upon installation, which appears as an icon among the programs in the windows taskbar.

To provide the IP, click on the control center (red circle) and go to the “webadmin”, which will open a tab in your browser. In the configuration add to the server search list. Apply. Restart.

Software should be working now from the EPFL network (or via VPN, though less stable). A limited number of licenses is currently available (20 EVA, 10 Topas, meaning you cannot use the software if you are logged as user number 21 or 11.

If additional licenses are required, please let us know.


3. Measurement manuals

Below you will find basic instructions for different kinds of measurements. The content will be updated continuously. Let us know if something is missing. These instructions do not replace instrumental training.

Sion XRD Facility

D8 Advance - Reflection measurements (Bragg Brentano and Grazind Incidence)

D8 Advance - Transmission measurements (Capillary)