The ACCES CoViz facility is equipped with a modern video-conference system. This equipment is a part of the EPFL Unified Communications platform and is therefore compatible with the Cisco IP video telephones recently installed at EPFL and the pre-existing Polycom-equipped rooms.

The CoViz video-conferencing system enables the possibility for the following interactions with remote sites:




Connecting the CoViz video-conference system

Organizing a video-conference session

There are a number of important steps to ensure that your session is successful:

Recording a video-conferencing session

Advanced video-conferencing software generally enable recording of a session, with the recorded file stored somewhere in the Cloud. This is to be avoided if the content is sensitive.

A simple alternative is to use a recording software on a local computer to record directly to the computer's hard drive. A convenient free solution is Apple QuickTime Player 10, which can record both the image and sound. (Select File/New Screen Recording in menu; don't forget to select the appropriate microphone in the small "Screen Recording" window.)

Further information

If all is not clear regarding the CoViz video-conferencing system, or it does not function as desired:

For details regarding alternative video-conferencing facilities at EPFL: