2014 Spring FINAL REPORT


Welcome to our final report page. This report will show you how the Biodesign project made progress this year. This year our team was composed of two students.

Our work was to continue what the first team began last year. Thus, we worked on their second prototype of Arsenic detection with GMO bioreporters.

An important aim of this semester was to validate our prototype of arsenic detection by the authorities.

We made some improvements to the prototype too:

- A screen interface for an easier reading of the results in the field.

- An extra LED in order to measure the turbidity of our sample.

We will come back on these modifications later.

Also, this wiki might make people aware that the use of GMO in the field isn’t as controversial as one could think. This wiki will show you why.

Here, you can find the plan of our report. Please click on the titles to read the complete paragraph. We wish you a pleasant reading.


  1. Principle of our prototype
  2. The prototype
  1. One word about GMO
  2. Handling and confinement
  3. Lab session and results
  4. Validation by the authorities, a step by step to go in the field
  5. Future Directions and Conclusion