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How can I create a blog?

How can I delete a blog?

How can I rename a blog?

How can I rename a category?

How can I add an article to a blog?

How can I add an image or a file to my article?

I have a problem with the article editor, what can I do?

Access rights

I cannot access a blog, why?

I don't see a blog on the "My blogs" page, why?

Can you give me access to a blog?

I gave access to somebody but it is not working, why?

Can I add someone external (guest) to a blog?

Can I make a blog private?

Can I limit the blog access to some people?

Can I give access to an EPFL mailing list?

Can I limit the access to some categories only?

Can I give access to a service account?

I will leave EPFL soon, can I keep an access to my blogs?

Email alerts

How can I receive an email alert for new articles?

I don't receive email alerts, why?

Advanced functionalities

How can I add Google Analytics to my blog?

Can I use LaTeX in my blogs?

I don't have RSS feeds on my blog, why?


How long is a blog data keeped?