eM+ Viz Systems

In order to convert your project to work on the Dome or Panorama setups at eM+, you'll need to replace the OVRPlayerController with the lab's Prefabs (similarly to what we did to prepare the project for the Oculus Quest).

  1. remove the camera (OVRPlayerController)
  2. drag-drop the Dome/Panorama Camera Prefab into your project

Note: this is just a list of what will change in your project. Other changes will happen in terms of Unity config but won't affect the scene content.

At the end of the semester, the groups that have some time left can convert their projects to work with these systems, even if not required.


You can get the eM+ prefab sets here:


Important Notes:

  1. You are working on an Android project (i.e. fot the Oculus Quest). These prefabs are made to work with our visualization systems that run on Windows. In order to use the prefabs you need to switch your project to Windows (in the Build Settings).
  2. After making sure that your project is set to Windows, unzip the file to a local folder then drag-drop the folder into Unity, to the Project tab in the Asset folder. This will import the prefabs and all their dependencies into your project.
  3. The prefabs use the .Net networking API (and this is why you need to switch your project to Windows). In order to add it, go to the Window => Package Manager menu in Unity, find and select the MultiPlayer HLAPI entry then click on Install.
  4. Now you can drag-drop the prefab you need from the Project tab (Asset/Prefabs folder) to your scene.
  5. A description of the different prefabs can be found in the RTF file in the Doc folder.
  6. The prefabs come as a whole package, for this reson part of the contents won't be useful to your projects. Do not worry if there are tools/prefabs in the ZIP file that don't seem useful to your project, it is certainly the case but it won't affect your project.