Unity Tutorials


Creating a Unity Oculus Quest project (source video for this wiki)

Introduction to Unity Scripting

Learning C# and scripting in Unity

Official Unity Tutorials

Let me google that for you: Unity Oculus Quest tutorial


The following tutorials are related to the projects that were presented. Not all tutorials are useful to all projects, it's up to you to chose the ones that are worth watching.


Refactorig and good practices

SOLID programming

SOLID programming part 2


Scene transitions

Awesome scene transitions


HandTracking and Gestures:

- Unity Oculus Quest HandTracking and object selection (11 min video)

- Unity Oculus Quest How to grab objects with HandTracking (9 min video)

- Unity HandTracking Gestures Detection tutorial (16 min video)


Webcam and pose matching:

- Unity Webcam tutorial (2 min video)

- Unity OpenPose Win10 - Pose estimation tutorial & course (several videos)



- Unity Portals tutorial (11 min video)

- Unity Portals simple example (4 min video)


Sound sources:

- Unity Audio Source simple guide (text)

- Unity Audio Source GameObjects (8 min video)



Pre-computed (global illumination)