ECPS Cluster : Mount Home on MacOSX
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Accessing THE files IN your home directory on ECPS from Mac OS X

Prerequisite: you must have obtained shell access already.

  1. Download Cyberduck
  2. Unpack the zip file, and drag-drop the duck into your Applications folder
  3. Run Cyberduck (confirm the security question)
  4. Click the drop-down and select New Bookmark at the bottom
  5. Fill in the details thusly:
    • Protocol (at the top): SFTP
    • Nickname: something meaningful to you, e.g. ecps or ECPS cluster
    • Server:
    • User name: your GASPAR login name
    • Password: leave empty
  6. Click on More options, then Use public key authentication (as shown above)
  7. Select your id_rsa private key from your .ssh directory (which should be the one that pops up by default)
  8. Close the dialog box (red dot on the left of the top bar), then you should see your new bookmark in Cyberduck's main window

  1. Double-click on the bookmark line to open the connection.
  2. The first time you connect, you must accept the remote server's fingerprint (be sure to check the "always" checkbox)
  1. The contents of your home directory should now appear in the Cyberduck window.
  2. You can now drag and drop files to and from your home directory on the ECPS cluster.