Outcome of fracto-cohesive length measurements (taken from module 1 & module 2 data):

The ratio of the fracture energy to the work of fracture defines a length-scale called the fracto-cohesive length. Using the values for each of these quantities that you measured in modules 1 and 2, we calculate the fracto-cohesive length. The results are tabulated here:

C (%)

Fracto-cohesive length (mm)

0.0658 Not reported
0.153 0.127
0.353 2.083
1.87 0.119
4.33 0.288

The Experimental Methods in Engineering Mechanics course is intended to give an advanced presentation of experimental methods used to study mechanics problems by way of example. Students will construct significant components of experimental apparatus and collect & interpret the resulting data. Rigorous preparation is necessary in order to complete the lab exercises on time, including completing the day's readings.


Three experimental modules with specific measurement aims will be used to present techniques from analog electronics and image processing. In the course of these modules, we will probe the mechanics of several different problems, including fracture mechanics, elasticity and Brownian motion. Readings, exercises and necessary documentation can be found on page for each module, provided by link below.

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The syllabus

Module 1

Reports for module 1 are due on Sunday, 22. October 


Reports for module 2 are due on Sunday, 26. November

Module 3

Reports for module 3 are due on 14. January, 2024