EUNIS e-Learning Task Force 2013

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Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, 15th-16th April 2013


Workshop Theme:
New Spaces for learning: innovation in physical and virtual learning spaces

Report on the workshop


Day 1

12.00 – Arrival and buffet lunch

13.00 - Welcome from hosts and introductions

13.30 - Members’ showcase (part 1). ELTF members highlight any significant developments in physical or virtual learning environments in their universities (limited to 5 mins each)

14.00 – Innovation in physical space:

16.30 – Presentation on EPFL approach to MOOCs by Karl Aberer, Vice-President for Information Systems

17.00 – Q&A

17.30 – Members’ showcase (part 2)

18.00 – Networking time

19.00 – Dinner - traditional Swiss raclette in EPFL cafeteria

Day 2

09.30 – Overview of MOOC activity worldwide. Yves Epelboin (UPMC)

10.00 – What Revolution? David Kernohan (Jisc)

10.30 – Q&A to panel consisting of Yves, David & Patrick Jermann (EPFL)

11.00 - Coffee

11.15 – World Cafe Session: MOOCs in Europe - opportunities and challenges

12.30 – Summary of world cafe discussions

13.00 – Close and lunch


Links to the Presentations


Presentation by Karl Aberer EPFL and MOOCS

Presentation Yves Epelboin Part 1

Presentation Yves Epelboin Part 2

Presentation David Kernohan MOOCs: What Revolution?

Members Showcase

Duisberg-Essen: Steffi Engert

Jisc Assessment & Feedback: Gill Ferrell

Jisc OER: David Kernohan

HES-SO: Anne Dominique Salamin

Paris Descartes: Thierry Koscielniak 

Porto: Ligia Ribeiro and Maria Pinto

Valencia: Jaime Busquets




Useful Information

Getting to EPFL ?

Where is the meeting room: salle de conférence pour l'eLTF de EUNIS ?

What are the places of interest around Lausanne ?

What is raclette: Le souper du lundi soir ?





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